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You are driving to Greece?

Yep! And we are taking the dog. Greece and back via France, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary etc. Follow our trip

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A home on wheels, a sense of freedom, the ability to say, ‘that’s it, I need a change of scene’ Life on the road in a Motorhome

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Before it was a thing, I discovered the community of ‘Micro Campers’, Small van based Campervans that you can park anywhere …..

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We decided a long time ago to travel. Over the years we have spent holidays in nice hotels, but we’ve decided that it’s not for us ……

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Tuk Tuk rental in Sri Lanka
Driving a rental Tuk Tuk around Sri Lanka?

Who knew? And what’s more, it absolutely made the entire trip.

Sri Lanka 2024

One month in Sri Lanka …

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From Madrid to the Sahara
One month, public transport, Spain to the Sahara Dessert
Sahara Dessert

See the world with those you love

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Greece by Motorhome

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A lifetime ambition
Driving to Greece – a trip 35 years in the making

About Us and how we got here